Windows Phone 7: Terra Explorer (Update 1.1)

The second update of Terra Explorer will be released to the windows phone marketplace in the next few days. Below are the highlights for the changes that are in the works:

Enhancements and Break/Fixes

A. Favorite Pages

  • Added Visibility to Saved Pages
  • Created Save Page Screen
  • User Able to Edit the URL or Title

B. Search Panel

  • Added a URL Direct Option
  • Launches Browser Directly

C. Icon / Button Feedback

  • Some of the Icons/Buttons Buzz when Touched
  • User is able to Disable this on the Config Page

D. Browser

  • Eliminated the Close Button – (Phone Back Button Now Closes Browser)
  • Stretched Screen to Maximize Screen Real-Estate

E . Themes

  • Edit/Delete Theme Opens a New Window

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